When I went on tongkat ali research

I decided to sell tongkat ali because I was annoyed with high prices

I purchase our tongkat ali products at https://tongkatali.org. They are the gold standard for tongkat ali since 30 years. Buying wholesale from them, I get a discount of 75 percent. Then I pass the savings on to our buyers. Thus I sell much cheaper than Sumatra Pasak Bumi. Please feel free to check their website https://tongkatali.org to compare prices.

On the other hand, I am not even sure whether tongkatali.org still retails Indonesian tongkat ali as they used to. Shanty, their accountant, told me that Indonesian tongkat ali is now in short supply, and that they have a hard time with Indonesian postal services. Indonesia is probably an awkward country. Shanty, who is Indonesian, told me that they moved many operations to Thailand.

You can email Shanty to confirm that I am a legitimate, authorized distributor. You can see their email address under the header of tongkatali.org. They don't want me to write it here because it will cause them to get loads of spam.

Cordially yours,

William (the crazy) Krassky

(my friends like to make jokes about my Russian family name, but I am neither Russian nor out of my mind)

Here you can see all our order options for Thai tongkat ali extract

Here you can see all our order options for Indonesian tongkat ali extract

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I even have something in Spanish, if you prefer:

Aumento del tamao del pene con Tongkat Ali