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Question: quality standards of your products

From: B. L.


Hi! I found out about tongkat ali some time ago and have always been curious and wanted to use it. I am one who is strict about sourcing and where herbs and such that I purchase come from so that I can ensure the highest quality, fair-trade if applicable and so on. I finally started doing my research to see where I will purchase tongkat ali and I came across your website; I feel as if I have come to the right place. With that being said, is this grown organically? I understand not all herbs and fruits and suchly are not listed as organic in some cases since some things don't have to be labeled as "organic" when it usually is not tainted in an industry that manipulates the seeds (camu camu for example). I looked at your products on your site and my trust is gaining momentum. The product I am interested in is the capsules for 90 dollars I believe of grade A tongkat ali; just curious about the integrity and quality of this product. I am prepared to purchase today, just wanted to see if I can correspond with someone first.

Thank you!


Dear Sir,

thank you for being in contact with us.

Our tongkat ali is collected by tribal people deep inside forests. The roots the tribal people collect are of trees 30 years old or older.

There is no road going there. The tribal people walk a day into the forest, and sometimes even two, and walk back shouldering roots.

There is no town nearby for at least 100 kilometers in any direction. And we have photographic proof of our collection methods ranging back 20 years.

Thus, our tongkat ali is as organic as it could possible be.

We know of no other company that operates like we do, and in the same area on Sumatra. Same area would mean: in a radius of 1000 kilometers in any direction.

Most "tongkat ali" on the market is a blend of saw dust and some chemicals. A gamble on your health.

Certificates of Analysis that come with fakes mean nothing. The analyzed sample is never the same as the stuff they send you.

Best regards,

Shanty (Ms)



Hey Shanty! Hope you are doing well. I was just wondering if the the versions of the herb that you have that are in powder or granulated form have anything added to them? I'm sure they don't, it's just that I received my capsules but I didn't realize the capsules are made from gel so I prefer the powder at this point. I just wanted to see if there is any additives or anything added to the powder.

Thank you so much.


Dear J...,

Our Grade A Indonesian tongkat ali extracts have absolutely nothing added. They are pure concentrated tongkat ali, and only tongkat ali.

If the product comes as capsules, the capsule shells are made of gelatine. But the content of the capsules is only tongkat ali extract.

Pure Grade A tongkat ali extract cannot be cheap. That's mathematically impossible. Just imagine, a truck of 5 tons root yielding 25 kg has to travel some 600 kilometers, much of it on miserable roads. Before that, 10 to 20 people spend a few days in a rainforest, digging out roots and carrying them back.

Standard US supplements that claim to be tongkat ali are mostly fillers, rice flour or stearate, with only traces of tongkat ali, if any.

There are so many cheats thay claim 1:200 tongkat ali extract at low prices. They are all fakes cashing in on our reputation.

Best regards,

Shanty (Ms)



1. Please let me know how to measure 1 gram of your Kaempferia Parviflora bulk powder using a traditional metal teaspoon set.

2. Please let me know how to measure 1 gram of your Butea Superba bulk powder using a traditional metal teaspoon set.

3. Please also let me know if my capsule to teaspoon conversion for your Tongkat Ali bulk powder is correct.

I plan to use your products for many years so I’d be very grateful to hear back from you.


Dear C...,

As you are familiar with the volume and weight of our main product, Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract, it will be easiest to consider volumes and compare weight ratios.

For example: The weight of the content of one standard capsule of Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract is 300 mg.

The same capsule holds 400 mg of butea superba extract, or 500 mg of kaempferia parviflora extract, or 600 mg of Thai mucuna pruriens extract.

The ratios will stay the same, regardless of whether the units are capsules, grams, or teaspoons.

Thus one of your teaspoons holds 1.2 grams of Indonesian 1:200 extract, or 1.6 grams of butea superba extract, or 2 grams of kaempferia parviflora extract, or 2.4 grams of mucuna pruriens extract.

That said, please be aware that dosages of sexual enhancement herbals are highly variable. They either act as ligands on cell receptors, or impact neurotransmitters. Cell receptor density varies from person to person, and neurotransmitter concentrations even more so. That is why uniform exact dosages cannot be established.

This is in contrast to antibiotics, antivirals, or antifungals, all of which target microorganisms that have invaded humans, and not cell physiology.

Our standard dosage advice is 1 to 3 capsules one to three times per day. This already allows one person to take nine times as much as another, with both staying within the bounds of our dosage recommendations.

Traditional herbal medicines are not drugs that would be measured in milligrams, simply because traditional tropical societies did not have tools to measure milligrams. If plants can be overdosed in milligram quantities, traditional societies consider them poisons. Therefore most traditional medicines have similar dosages. The have effects at small dosages in the grams range, but are not outright poisons at ten or twenty times the conventionally ingested quantities.

The most sensible course of action is to start with a very low dosages (because allergies can never be 100 percent excluded), and then to gradually increase them.

Best regards,

Shanty (Ms)

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