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Home's Tongkat ali Extract, 8 oz (227 Grams)

Price: $61.20 (7.65 / Ounce)

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Product description

  • Sexual enhancement is by nature an elitist endeavor. And if you are dedicated to this cause, you better get your sexual enhancement from a proper source. A proper source will manufacture a range of related products.
  • Search for our company, Sumatra Pasak Bumi, on Amazon. You will see many entries all dedicated to one issue: better sex.
  • Thai Tongkat Ali is best consumed in a stack with Butea Superba. Kaempferia Parviflora, and Mucuna Pruriens.
  • For dosage info, please see our website:
  • Contact us via if it is usually difficult to ship tongkat ali to your country.
  • This container is 8 ounces of's genuine Thai 1:100 Tongkat Ali extract. ships worldwide to every country, no exception.
  • Introduction to Welcome to a world of better sex -
  • Sumatra Pasak Bumi is not your ordinary trader of herbals. Actually, we are not rooted in commerce but in philosophy... the ideological writing of Serge Kreutz. On a private level, we at the head of Sumatra Pasak Bumi heave something more important to do, rather than to make money: to live what we preach, this is.
  • Get Real And Get Out. Western societies often press citizens into standard role models that allow a sexualized life-style in one's youth only. But optimal sex, aided by an appropriate herbal stack, is the most meaningful, sense-giving course of life at any age... until death, actually.
  • By its very nature, sexual enhancement is an elitist endeavor. This implies that for people who have a hard time to make ends meet, its probably not the right path to tread. To pursue optimal sex, you need a sound economic base, enough leisure time, and a herbal stack from Sumatra Pasak Bumi to cook up the chemical stew in your brain that makes up your personality, your intelligence, and your orgasmic sensations.

    Product information

    Package dimensions: 9.9 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm; 255 grams

    Shipping weight: 259 grams

    Important information


    Thai Tongkat Ali extract


    Thai Tongkat Ali extract is not a drug. But some people may be allergic to new foods. Thus, first and second day dosages should be minimal.

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