Wrong decision: buying tongkat ali from a dubious source

A trustworthy source has obtained goverment approval for their operation and products.

When a potential source that you consider tells you that at their location, a government license isn't needed for herbal supplements, they are just finding excuses.

The license for their operation and products may not be needed. But if they are a responsible business, they will apply for one nevertheless.

You can get a government product license for potato chips. Check it out at your nearest convenience store.

That doesn't mean that at your location, potato chips would need a government license.

In fact, any food stall at any weekend market is allowed to sell potato chips without a government product license. Even your green grocer is allowed to do so.

But Pepsi and Nestlé potato chips surely have a government license for theirs.

Fact is: there are other standards for hygiene and ingredients control.

It's the same with tongkat ali.

The tongkat ali web market is dominated by web spammers (weekend stalls) who talk a lot to sell their warez, and then run off with your money.

Buying from them is a wrong decision. Only buy tongkat ali from a source that has gone through the effort of obtaining a government license for their product.


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