The tongkat ali info on the web is getting ever worse

By Serge Kreutz

Nowadays if you search for tongkat ali, what comes up on the first page of Google are sites like rxlist or webmd.

And then they let you read things like on the printscreens below.

Article continues below printscreens

Is this quality?

No, it's not. Because all you can read is canned info that has been included the same on practically any medication they list.

Has nothing to do with tongkat ali.

Want to take pain medication? Ask your healthcare provider.

Want to take antibiotics? Ask your healthcare provider.

Want to take lip balm? Ask your healthcare provider.

Want to reduce weight? Ask your healthcare provider.

Use a sun lotion? Ask your healthcare provider.

Take multivitamins? Ask your healthcare provider first.

All of this is non-information.

They could just write on the index page: on all issues of health and wellbeing, ask your healthcare provider.

That would save lots of Internet space, and not waste the time of readers.

But wait a moment. They anyway don't set up these pages to inform the public. They set up these pages so they have some text garnish for the ads they show.

That's what they are interested in: income from advertisers. And the lower the quality of the information they provide, the more likely you are to click on some ads.

That's what they think.


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The tongkat ali info on the web is getting ever worse

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