Tongkat ali fertility stack

By Serge Kreutz

We at Sumatra Pasak Bumi sell five herbal extracts as a libido and sexual excitement stack:

Tongkat ali

Butea superba

Mucuna pruriens

Kaempferia parviflora

Boesenbergia rotunda

We have named this combination the "Tongkat ali stack" because tongkat ali is the best-known of the five.

But the truth is: you need all five.

It's not that one herbal could substitute the other. Their effects are slightly different, and the effect of the stack cannot be achieved by any single or two herbs, even at higher dosages. The effect of the combination is a new quality.

And mind you: it's not just that the stack is superior for libido only. It is also superior for fertility.

Birth rates are terribly down in many parts of the world. And it's not just that women in highly developed countries are often not inclined to have children.

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Often when couples do want to have children, it just doesn't work out.

It is well documented that hand-in-hand with lower male testosterone, sperm quality has declined, too, around the world.

The most likely culprit is plastics. Plastics, all plastics (though some more than others) leach chemicals with estrogenic activity.

Men who are exposed to plastics in the food chain react with lower testosterone, libido problems, low sperm count, and insufficient sperm motility. Thus, men can't be bothered with sex, and when they do have sex, don't sire children.

Are you still drinking water from plastic bottles? Eat food from plastic plates? Buy herbal supplements in plastic bottles?

We don't. And our herbal supplements are packaged in layers of plastic-avoidance paperbags.

To restore or improve fertility, first of all avoid plastics, and then consume testosterone-raising, fertility-improving nutrients.

Best suited for the task is a stack of the extracts of tongkat ali, butea superba, mucuna pruriens krachai dam, and fingerrot. All are available from us.

And rest assured, a year from now, you will be father. Guaranteed.


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